Press release, December 9, 2020 – download as pdf

Hydrogen Center Bavaria joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

NUREMBERG. The Hydrogen Center Bavaria joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance at the end of November. The alliance unites renowned players from business, science, politics, and civil society across all European regions and economic sectors and sets itself the goal to significantly contribute to achieving the EU’s climate goals through the use of green hydrogen. Hydrogen should be established as a globally competitive energy carrier in Europe and create positive ecological, economic, and social effects by mobilizing hydrogen actors through the alliance and initiating concrete projects through investments.

The tasks and goals of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance coincide with the activities and goals of the Hydrogen Center Bavaria and the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. Therefore, the H2.B expects the cooperation within the Alliance to stimulate the activities of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. The goal of the more than 130 Bavarian hydrogen stakeholders gathered in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is to contribute to strengthening and expanding Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies to accelerate the development of a hydrogen economy. Green hydrogen plays an important role in the defossilization of the energy system. Many members of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria have also joined the Alliance themselves.

Further information on the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance: