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Wolf Power Systems honored as 100th member of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

MAINBURG/NUREMBERG/MUNICH. Wolf Power Systems GmbH, a company of WOLF GmbH Mainburg, was honored as the 100th member of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. Due to the Corona pandemic, the presentation of the certificate by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger and Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid, Chairman of the Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B), could not take place personally in Mainburg.

Stefan Seeliger, Managing Director of Wolf Power Systems GmbH, received the certificate on behalf of the company: “As a company of WOLF GmbH Mainburg, we are very pleased to be affiliated to the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria and to be welcomed as the 100th member of this strong association. We are especially proud to be able to almost simoultaneously present to the public the first hydrogen CHP of Wolf Power Systems in the power range of 50 kW electrical power. With this commitment, we would also like to promote solutions for sustainable and climate-neutral energy and heat supply in the strategic orientation of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria.”

Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger appreciates the steady growth of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria and the inclusion of Wolf Power Systems: “Bavaria is consistently focusing on hydrogen. We want to make “Made in Bavaria” the H2 seal of approval. We can realize this thanks to the strong backing from business and science. I am therefore very pleased that our hydrogen alliance now embraces more than 100 members including Wolf Power Systems. The various possible applications offer many opportunities for our domestic industry to contribute their know-how and open up new business areas.”

The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria, which was concluded in September 2019 by the Bavarian State Government with key players of a future hydrogen economy, now comprises more than 130 alliance partners from industry, science, associations and politics. The members declare that they will contribute to strengthening and expanding Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies and support the activities of the Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B). The H2.B serves as an interface and coordinates the activities in the Hydrogen Alliance.

“It is highly gratifying that the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria already has over 130 members after just a little more than a year. Wolf Power Systems, an innovative company in the field of decentralized energy supply, has joined the Alliance as its 100th member,” said Prof. Peter Wasserscheid. “Hydrogen CHP units will make their contribution to the energy transition in the future, because in addition to the use of hydrogen in mobility and industry, the heating market also plays an important role. Overall, a strong domestic market is important for the technology demonstration, because successful technology demonstration is the basis for global technology export.”

Executive Director of Wolf Power Systems GmbH, Stefan Seeliger (Image: Wolf Power Systems)

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