Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is a joint platform for networking and knowledge transfer of 370 hydrogen stakeholders from industry, science and politics with a subsidiary or office located in Bavaria. The Alliance is coordinated by the Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B).

During the founding event of the H2.B on September 5, 2019, the first central players of a future Bavarian hydrogen economy signed the declaration of intent for the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. The founding partners of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria are listed below. In the meantime, numerous other stakeholders from industry, science and politics have joined the Alliance. All partners of the Alliance declare that they will contribute to strengthening and expanding Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies and support the activities of the Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B).

Activities in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

  • Workshops and seminars (to exchange experience and information)
  • Networking and Matchmaking
  • Input for the development of a strategy and a roadmap

Objectives of the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance

  • Bavaria is to become the leading location for the industrial production of key hydrogen components.
    • Development and demonstration of innovative PEM electrolyzers
    • Development and testing of fuel cell-based electromobility by 2023
    • Research and testing of automated manufacturing methods and process steps for future upscaling
  • Bavaria is to be established as a technology leader in the field of hydrogen storage and logistics.
    • Construction of the world’s first LOHC filling station by 2021
    • Further development and establishment of storage and logistics technologies by 2025
  • The establishment and expansion of the filling station infrastructure is to be accelerated.
    • Installation of 100 hydrogen filling stations in Bavaria by 2025
    • Support for the EU-wide development of H2 filling stations by 2030

Founding Partners of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria (September 2019)

All partners since 2019

International strategic partners