The Center Hydrogen.Bavaria

In order to consolidate and expand the strong position of the Bavarian industry and science in the important future field of hydrogen, the State of Bavaria founded the Center Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B) in Nuremberg in September 2019. In doing so, Bavaria is pursuing the goal of bringing together key players in the industry, science and politics to advance the topic of the “hydrogen economy” and – in particular – the use of hydrogen in the sector of mobility in Bavaria as quickly as possible and to bring hydrogen into widespread practical use. The Center was initiated by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

team of the H2.B

Foundation event, September 5, 2019

About the H2.B

The Center Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B) is a strategy and coordination center for hydrogen-related topics and activities in Bavaria, initiated and financed by the State of Bavaria. The Center acts at the crossroads between industry, science, politics and the public in a national and increasingly in an international context. The activities of the Center are divided into the areas “Strategy & Roadmap Development”, “Technology & Innovation”, “Public Relations”. In addition, the H2.B coordinates the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria.

The overarching goal is to strengthen the hydrogen economy in Bavaria and to accelerate the rollout of hydrogen use in a broad range of applications. The Center’s numerous activities intend to contribute to a more intense networking among Bavarian hydrogen stakeholders (in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria) and with other national and international players. In 2020, the H2.B and its partners in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria developed a Position Paper about the Bavarian Hydrogen Economy as a first step towards the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy. In April 2022, the H2.B published the Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria.

Activities of the Center


Development of a hydrogen strategy for Bavaria in cooperation with the central players from politics, industry and science with the aim of achieving the use of hydrogen in broad practical application

Monitoring of other national and international strategies

Development of a Hydrogen Roadmap for Bavaria

Technology & Innovation

Market and technology analysis for hydrogen for the further development and the large-scale implementation of the hydrogen economy in Bavaria

Technological Matchmaking with the aim of bringing together actors and their expertise, to leverage synergy effects

Initiation of demonstration projects

Public Relations

Networking activities to accelerate the development of national and international cooperation

Press and Public Relations work to increase the general awareness of the technologies and their prospects

Cooperation with other regional, national and international initiatives and players

Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

Coordination of activities within the Alliance:

Stakeholder dialogue for the strategy and roadmap development

Workshops, seminars (to connect and inform)

To the Hydrogen Alliance