Hydrogen Strategy for Bavaria

Hydrogen will play an important role in a climate-neutral industrial society of the future. Due to its high energy density and good storage capacity, hydrogen is predestined to close the gap between regeneratively generated electricity and energy-intensive applications in the areas of heat supply, industry and mobility. The diverse applications hold great potential for the industrial production of key components of a future hydrogen economy in Bavaria and beyond.

This makes hydrogen an indispensable building block of our energy and economic policy. In view of the far-reaching economic consequences of the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, hydrogen technologies also demonstrate an important perspective for the long-term economic strengthening and diversification of the Bavarian energy supply.

With the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy, the Free State of Bavaria aims to bring innovative hydrogen technologies into use quickly and thus promote the phase-out of fossil fuels. In doing so, the Hydrogen Strategy creates an initial framework for action for the future production, transport and use of hydrogen. The Center Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B) was commissioned to develop a Hydrogen Strategy for Bavaria and began the strategy process immediately after the foundation of the H2.B in 2019.

Position Paper

The strategy process – from Position Paper to the Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria

Position Paper of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

The Position Paper of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria on the Bavarian hydrogen economy was a first step towards the development of the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy, which was published at the same time as the Position Paper. Along the hydrogen value chain, the Position Paper identifies the need for action, the course to be set, and the central elements of a ramp-up of the Bavarian hydrogen economy.

The Position Paper was developed in an extensive consultation process coordinated by the H2.B with the (at the time) 36 companies, associations and research institutions represented in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. In addition, other associated companies, institutions, and private individuals had the opportunity to discuss theses from the network meetings and to contribute constructively at a stakeholder dialogue.

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Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy

The Position Paper laid the foundation for the development of a Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy, which was presented jointly with the Position Paper at a press conference on May 29, 2020. The Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy aims to open up new markets through hydrogen and Bavarian innovations, to secure prosperity and at the same time to accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels. Building on what has already been achieved, it defines clear goals and concrete measures to position Bavaria at the forefront of global competition for the best technological solutions.

The strategic goals are divided into three areas:

  • Promoting innovation and achieving technology leadership
  • Accelerating industrial scaling and economic viability
  • Achieving the fastest possible deployment of hydrogen in widespread practical applications
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Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria

The Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria was developed from 2021 to 2022 under the leadership of H2.B and with the involvement of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria and other German hydrogen stakeholders. The Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria draws a current as well as future picture of Bavaria as a business and science location with regard to hydrogen. Furthermore, an estimation of the possible hydrogen consumption in Bavaria can be made and, derived from this, important milestones for the rollout of hydrogen technologies can be outlined. The Roadmap is intended to identify perspectives as well as concrete needs for action and to help accelerate the ramp-up of the Bavarian hydrogen economy.

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