Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria

Perspectives and recommended actions for the ramp-up of the Bavarian hydrogen economy

Bavaria has set itself the ambitious goal of being climate-neutral by 2040. In doing so, the Free State is pursuing a more ambitious path than the federal government or the European Union. Evidently, this goal cannot be achieved without the use of hydrogen throughout all sectors. Transitioning to a hydrogen economy involves considerable efforts and must begin immediately due to the sometimes rather lengthy planning and investment cycles.

That means: The right Bavarian course must be set promptly on the one hand, to achieve the climate goals that the State has set for itself and, on the other hand, to take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by the upcoming transformation. The Bavarian Hydrogen Roadmap is intended to highlight perspectives and concrete needs for action and to help accelerate the ramp-up of the Bavarian hydrogen economy.


The strategy process – from the Position Paper to the Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria


With the publication of the Position Paper of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria on the Bavarian hydrogen economy and the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy in May 2020, an initial perspective for the development and design of a Bavarian hydrogen economy was outlined. The Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria is intended to pick up on these impulses and to draw both a current and a future picture of Bavaria as a business and science location regarding hydrogen. Furthermore, an estimation of the possible Bavarian hydrogen consumption will be made and – derived from this – important milestones for the rollout of hydrogen technologies will be outlined.

Brief summary