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The Center Hydrogen.Bavaria

The State of Bavaria has founded the Center Hydrogen.Bavaria – H2.B to consolidate and expand the technological leadership of the Bavarian industry in the important future field of the hydrogen economy. With this, the State of Bavaria is pursuing the goal of bringing together central players in industry, science and politics in order to advance the topic of the “hydrogen economy” and in particular of hydrogen in mobility in Bavaria as quickly as possible and to achieve the use of hydrogen in broad practical application.

Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

During the founding event of H2.B on September 5, 2019, central players of a future Bavarian hydrogen economy signed the declaration of intent for the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. The partners of the Alliance declare that they will contribute to strengthening and expanding Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies and support the activities of the Center Hydrogen.Bavaria.

Position paper about

the Bavarian

hydrogen economy

Brochure about

the H2.B and the

Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria

Information for

the press and the public

Latest news

H2.B board member Prof. Veronika Grimm appointed to the National Hydrogen Council

H2.B board member Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm has been appointed to the National Hydrogen Council as one of 25 members. In her function as H2.B board member, she has already done important work in the development of a position paper as a basis for the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy. This position paper was realized together with her colleague oft he H2.B Board of Directors, Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid, and the meanwhile over 70 partners in the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance.

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