Press release, January 31, 2023

Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B) joins Hydrogen Europe

NUREMBERG / BRUSSELS: The Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B) joined the Hydrogen Europe association on January 1, 2023, where it represents Bavaria as an “EU Region”. With currently more than 400 members, including over 25 EU regions and more than 30 national associations, the European association represents the interests of the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promotes hydrogen as a pathfinder for an emission-free society. Members cover the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem. Hydrogen Europe’s goal is to advance global carbon neutrality by accelerating the European hydrogen industry.

H2.B Managing Director Dr. Fabian Pfaffenberger: “We expect the cooperation with Hydrogen Europe not only to provide an additional boost for Bavarian hydrogen activities, but also to expand our network and to strengthen Bavaria’s visibility.”

The activities and objectives of Hydrogen Europe coincide with those of the Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B) and the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria.

The goal of the currently more than 315 H2 stakeholders in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is to jointly contribute to strengthening and expanding Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies in order to accelerate the development of a Bavarian hydrogen economy. Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is the largest state-initiated hydrogen cluster in Germany. Numerous partners of the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria are also members of Hydrogen Europe themselves.

More information can be found on the Hydrogen Europe website.

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