Press release, June 10, 2020 – download as PDF

European hydrogen strategy presented – joint action required at all levels

NUREMBERG / BRUSSELS The European Hydrogen Strategy published on Wednesday is a major step towards an internationally climate-neutral economy and society.

“With the hydrogen strategy, the EU has also presented a programme for the integration of energy systems. The plans contained therein to adapt energy taxation to the climate policy goals and to quickly strive for CO2 price signals in all sectors are decisive for the attractiveness of hydrogen and synthetic energy carriers “, said H2.B board member Prof. Veronika Grimm. “The decisive approach in climate policy is also important to accompany the recovery of the European economy and to accelerate the structural change. In this way, we will strengthen the European competitiveness and a sustainable growth. It is a lucky strike that the federal government, the German states and the EU are moving in the same direction. A good interaction of activities at German state, national and European level will be crucial for the success of the hydrogen economy”.

“The establishment of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance as a central platform for the coordination of projects and investments as well as the provision of 10 billion euros for the promotion of low-carbon technologies by 2030 through the ETS Innovation Fund are an important signal to science and industry”, said H2.B board member Prof. Peter Wasserscheid. “We will resolutely seize these impulses in Bavaria”.

The measures of the European Hydrogen Strategy are largely in line with the demands and measures expressed by the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance in its position paper published at the end of May and which were also incorporated into the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy published at the same time. It is now important to start implementing the measures decided on national and international level as soon as possible. This will strengthen the demand for hydrogen technologies and will trigger private sector investment.

EU forecasts indicate a promising growth market for hydrogen and hydrogen technologies. Bavarian companies are in an excellent position to further develop the corresponding technologies, plant and equipments, e.g. electrolyzers and fuel cells, to full market maturity and to produce them in large quantities for local and global use.

The position paper of the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance on a Bavarian hydrogen economy can be found on: